Blade was/is one of my favorite Wesley Snipes roles.  For those unaware, Blade is actually a character from Marvel Comics & may have been relatively unknown to the casual fan before the hit films.  It had been a while since I done a comic book theme and I wanted to tackle another one.

This one was done kinda on a whim and with little planning.  So using the all-white air max 90s as the canvas, I crafted a shoe based around the character.

The main inspiration for the shoe design came from various elements....the colors of the shoe were inspired by the movie poster from the first of the 3 Blade films while the logo on the back of the shoe is inspired by the 2nd film.  The tribal style print is kind of a mashup of the character's chest and back tattoos as well as the unique haircut.

More photos of the shoes below:

Not sure yet whether or not I will do more of these..if so, they will most likely be limited to a few pairs.  Will keep everyone posted.  Stay tuned...