Customer Spotlight:

Recently a friend of mine from my hometown of Philly recommended my work to a co-worker of his who was looking to have a pair of custom air force 1s done representing their company known as PhillyJunk, which specializes in residential and commercial junk removal (btw, I live in Brooklyn but grew up in Philadelphia for those who didn't know).  The basic idea was to have something with the company logo incorporated into it, which consists of a teal truck silhouette w. a black silhouette of the city in the background.

I not only incorporated the company logo, but the website as well and the logo colors throughout the shoe.  Using a pair of all white Nike Air Force 1s as the base, here is the finished result below:

As you can see, the toebox features the company logo while the rest of the shoe features the logo colors throughout and the website on the sides.  I also added the silhouette on the swoosh since I thought it was a nice touch.  I was given creative freedom to do what I wanted on these as long as it included the company logo.  Nothing over the top but still a nice clean design that sticks to the original theme.  Unfortunately I was unable to get as many good pics as I wanted to because of the weather (we got hit with snow around the time I did these and it got in the way of getting the photos I wanted.....can't wait till spring!).

If you have an idea for a custom shoe of your own, contact me at