Customer Spotlight: Seattle Seahawks customs

It's already well known that the Seattle Seahawks were defeated in the Super Bowl by the New England Patriots....however, this hasn't stopped Seahawks fans from showing their loyalty and support.  This was evidenced by two recent commissions I received within the timeframe of the game.

First, a client contacted me about having some Jordan 3s done in a Seahawks theme.  When coming up with the theme, I knew immediately which Jordan 3 would be the perfect canvas for the idea: the Jordan 3 "Joker":

I thought the light green sole and inner liner would accent the theme perfectly considering that the team has that same green as one of their colors.  The finished product was this:

The shoes feature the dark blue & light green from the team colors along with the pattern from their uniform (pattern was hand done and in a larger size to make it stand out more) along with the Seattle Seahawks logo:

Not long after getting this request, another client requested 2 pairs of Jordan 7s for his children (1 toddler size, 1 grade school size).  The base shoe used for those was the Jordan 7 French Blue:

And the finished product:

This pair was a little more subtle than the Jordan 3 version done before it but still pops with the classic team colorway (which I happen to love).  These feature the Seahawks logo as well.

Interested in having a custom shoe done with your favorite team?  Order yourself a pair with your favorite team, no matter what sport or league.  Whether it's a pro team, college, high school, or even little league or developmental can be done!  Contact me at for a quote.