Customer Spotlight: "Brooklyn Bridge"

Brooklyn.  My favorite borough in all of New York City.  I love all the boroughs but to me BK is the borough with the most's also the borough where I personally reside.  So when I got an inquiry from a client to do a Brooklyn Bridge themed pair of Air Force 1s, I was happy to oblige.

(Random pic of the bridge I took one day walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Originally the plan was to do the shoe with a black silhouette of the bridge but the client wanted the bridge to have some color....sort of like a daytime shot.  So I whipped up something that would feel like a daytime view of the bridge but with a unique spin on it.

The shoes, which started out as a pair of basic all white Air Force 1s, features pics of the bridge on the outer sections of each but done in kind of a 3D-ish cartoony style.  Along with the word "Brooklyn" on the outers in a graffiti tag style and a sky blue, red, and black combo.  I also added the BKLYN (a short abbreviation for Brooklyn) on the tongue tags and the NYC abbreviation on the rear panels.

These were done as a 1-of-1 request for the client, but if you have a custom idea of your own you would like to inquire about (maybe something representing your city?), email me at