Customer Spotlight: Philadelphia Eagles Throwback customs (Reggie White Tribute)

A good friend of my mother back in my hometown of Philly requested these.  He's a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and his favorite player is former defensive end, the late Reggie White.  He wanted something with Reggie's number on it and done on a pair of Air Force 1s so I decided to go full retro with everything.

The shoes include the classic Kelly Green colors of the old 80s era Eagles uniforms along with the classic logo of the Eagle holding a football.  They're topped off with the classic Eagles font and on the tongues are Reggie White's number 92.

These are a huge contrast from the Eagles customs that previously did that were shown in this post, as that pair has the current color scheme.  This was a 1-of-1 request but if you'd like something similar with your favorite team and/or player, past or present, email me at