"Lava On Ice"

These were sort of a random theme I decided to do.  About a month ago I had purchased a pair of the Jordan 5 "Metallic" shoes....I knew immediately I wanted to do something with them but had no idea what, so I ended up having them sit on my shelf for a few weeks.

(Air Jordan 5 Metallic)

I was going through some old drawings I had of shoe designs I never made and came across a recent one I really liked that I drew up earlier this year.  It was a design I was going to do on some air force 1s but never did.  So I decided I would go with that design pattern but change up the colors (side note: I have design drawings dating back to the early 2000s that I never put out....might touch up a few and start bringing them to life someday).  Somewhere along the lines I got the fire & ice idea, changed fire to lava and went from there.  The finished product is what you see below:

The design itself's a little self explanatory.  The dark orange & poppy red shades with the black detail accents represent lava and the blue fade (which is hand done, no airbrush) represents ice.  I kept the shoe tongue & the shark fin midsole detail as is since I thought it was a nice touch.  I am currently taking orders for these in the online store link below.  If your size is not listed, email at info@ecentrikart.net to check for availability.