Customer Spotlight: Pearl Perri Boots

Been slacking a bit on updates but have a few new posts coming up & wanted to start off with an interesting custom project I finished recently.  I did some custom boots for my friend Pearl of Pearl Perri, who makes beautiful jewelry and accessories (check out her site at

What started off as some basic black boots was transformed into an art piece.  The theme/vibe behind it is one of peace, love, and good vibes.  She requested to have some leopard print and butterflies incorporated into the design in some fashion.  Wish I had taken a before pic just to compare but here is the finished work:

The color fade work is hand done (no airbrush used) and the words "love", "peace", "joy", and "prosperity" were added in as a last minute detail and I felt that they complimented the theme perfectly.  These were a one-of-a-kind pair but if you have a custom idea of your own (sneakers, boots, or heels), email me at