"Marble Floor"

Every so often it's nice to experiment with a new custom technique.  Always loved the look and style of marble & marble flooring and it seems like an awesome idea for a shoe.  So after learning how to do a marble technique, I got the idea to do a pair of marble-themed customs.

The day before I made these, I spent an entire day practicing the pattern on pieces of paper.  For the most part I was able to get the look down pretty easy but originally wanted to use a specific gold-based theme.  The color combo came out okay but not how I wanted it to look exactly (chalk it up to me wanting this to come off perfect).  But once I got started on them, I got the feel of it right away.

First I layed down some base coats that were close to the colors I planned to use for the patterns and then applied the pattern work over the selected sections.  The swoosh and toe box have a black/grey/white mix while the other pattern sections have a mix of white and 3 different shades of beige & tan.  Afterwards, I topped it off with a gloss finish coat to give it that shine that you see on marble floors and walls to make it look more authentic.

This pair is a 1-of-1 for my personal collection but I definitely plan to do this theme again, next time it will be an available purchase/release and might be a different color combo (or combos) and maybe even a different shoe (or shoes).

For custom inquiries, contact me at my email: info@ecentrikart.net.  Also, check out my main website: www.ecentrikart.net and follow me on Instagram @ecentrikartistry.