Customer Spotlight: Ray Allen Tribute

These were done for a frequent client of mine who's a big fan of NBA player Ray Allen.  Allen has played for various teams in the league but the client wanted something in his Seattle Sonics colors:.

He also asked for Allen's jersey number on the tongues and since I was given a lot of creative freedom (those are the best commissions to work with) I decided to get a little creative with it and blended the Jordan silhouette and his nicknames under each one (the Jesus Shuttlesworth name is the character he played in Spike Lee's movie "He Got Game").  I also made sure to do the jersey numbers in the same font style as the jersey:

I also turned the jumpman logos on the back of the shoes into Ray Allen decked in his Sonics jersey as well:

And finally, on the sides of the shoes, the client wanted a list of his career accomplishments (there were so many that it had to be trimmed down to the most important ones:

Here was the original base shoe used for this custom: The Jordan 3 Infrareds:

This project was fun because I was given a good amount of creative freedom.  If you ask any artist in any field, those are the most fun projects to work on, even if the original idea is that of the client.

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