Customer Spotlight: Seattle Seahawks Jordan 5s

This was the third Seattle Seahawks request i've done this year (see the other ones here).  I've had many people inquire about football themed customs, but from my experience it seems to be the Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles fans who follow through and are the most die hard about representing their teams.

Anyway, the client requested the custom be done on a pair of Jordan 5s.  After working out a design idea, I figured the Jordan metallic 5s would make the best base:

And here is the finished product:

The customer wanted to keep it fairly simple with the classic Seahawks throwback colors (which are similar to their current).  Added on the side areas is the Seahawks logo but with a white silhouette of the Seattle skyline, space needle and all (the idea was given to me by the customer and resembles the logo variation from the Super Bowl).

So, Seahawks and Eagles requests seem to be the main football commissions that come my way, but the question remains...where are you fans of the other teams?  Want to rep your team with an original custom?  Email me at for all inquiries (serious inquiries only)!