"Tiffany Gone Wild"

The Tiffany theme has been done a zillion times in the custom world (including this pair I did back in 2013) but it's still such a great colorway.  I had been thinking of revisiting the color theme for a while but decided this time I really wanted to present it in a different way that it hasn't been done in.

For those not up on the theme, it's inspired by the colors of the jewelry company Tiffany & Co.:

Which in turn inspired these official Nike released dunks a couple years ago:

Since then, a lot of shoe variations of this theme have popped up repeatedly and still do to this day.  So like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to revisit this theme, but being as though I love doing detailed artsy pieces more so than the basic colorway stuff (although I do still love basic colorway customs), I wanted to go outside the box and add my own twist to it.

I felt the Jordan 1 would be the best shoe to use as a canvas for this project so i picked up a pair of the all white Jordan 1s:

Then after sketching out an idea, I got to work and here's the finished product:

The shoe is an abstract painting that features different shades of the Tiffany blue (I love drawing eyes so I felt that would be a great addition to the design) along with the black and silver.  On the back is the diamond (done differently from the traditional Tiffany diamond) with the words "Ecentrik Artistry" on the back, and the words "Gone Wild" on the tongue tags over top of blue lipstick marks.  The tongue and inner sock liners were dyed black to go with the hand painted work throughout the rest of the shoe.

Currently this shoe is a 1-of-1 for my personal collection but I may consider it as a future release or accept orders for it on a different shoe.  To order and/or inquire about custom shoes (both past designs and a design idea of your own), contact me through the website, www.ecentrikart.net.