New personal artist site:

Wanted to share my new website, Elom Bowman Art.  To those who may not know, I have experience in art outside of sneaker customization and have always had an interest in art long before then.  On my new site, I will share many of my old canvas paintings, sneaker/footwear art, custom toys, and also my photography.  I am looking to get back into doing some canvas paintings as I have a number of ideas I want to show off in the near future.  As for my photography, it's something I do as a hobby and i'm still a novice at it as I've only been doing it for about a year and some change but constantly improving at it.

For those who are fans of the custom sneaker/footwear work, don't worry....I am not abandoning the custom kicks arena.  In fact, I have an insane amount of ideas I want to release in 2016.  As far as that goes, I will be putting all the focus on doing more high end, heavy detailed custom works....I want every pair I make to be a genuine piece of art as I originally intended (something I touched on in the previous blog) plus it's also a good way to familiarize new supporters with my particular style as well as refresh the memories of my long time supporters.

The site also has links to my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (which I don't really use often), Tumblr, and the Ecentrik Artistry website (which has been merged with the store).

The official site: