With the movie set to launch mid-February and my love of comics, the idea came to me last week to do a Deadpool theme.

For those not familiar with Deadpool, he's a popular Marvel character (in fact, one of their current most popular) that was created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Rob Liefeld and was introduced in the comic book The New Mutants in 1991.

Over the years, the wisecracking "Merc With A Mouth" became more popular to the point of having different regular and mini-series over the years along with many hilarious interactions with other heroes:

Not to forget his love for pancakes and tacos...

And of course, the upcoming movie (BTW, I think Ryan Reynolds was tailor made for this role):

All of which leads to this custom shoe.  The original base for the custom was the Jordan Laney 5s (could've also been made with the Grape 5s, Metallic 5s, Fire Red 5s, and the white Supreme 5s):

And below is the finished product:

The "Wade jumped over the jumpman" on the back of the left shoe was a parody of a Kanye West lyric from a song where he says "Yeezy jumped over Jumpman" (the Jumpman is the famous Jordan silhouette logo for those who don't know), which was likely a jab at Nike after having left them for Adidas (BTW, I disagree with him on that but that's another story) so I decided to have a little fun with it using Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson)'s sense of humor and the fact that this was done on a pair of Jordans.  And the "Be Ecentrik" on the back of the right shoe is a tagline I've been using lately and put on a few of my t-shirts.  I've done a number of comic book themes over the past year or so but this was definitely one of my most fun to create.  Have a number of other ideas i'm thinking up as we speak.  Have an idea of your own for a custom?  Want to inquire about some past work?  Email me at info@ecentrikart.net with your ideas/inquiries (serious inquiries only).  Also, check out my websites: www.ecentrikart.net and www.elombowmanart.com.