The Jordan 3 is one of my favorite base shoes to work with and my personal favorite Jordan retro silhouette.  Now I usually don't do restorations on old, beat shoes but I happened to have an old pair of Fire Red 3s that I did a simple custom on years ago that were pretty worn (not heavily damaged but with a good amount of wear) and I knew that it would've been a waste to get rid of them so I figured i'd strip them down and see if I could remake them into something new.  I mainly work with either brand new pairs but if I do work on worn pairs, whether personal pairs or customer pairs, I only work with ones that have some light wear (as in worn only a handful of times) and nothing that's seriously heavily beat down.  I feel like doing artwork on heavily beat shoes takes away from the finished product...kinda like giving a fresh new paint job to a dented car.

Anyway, since this was my personal pair I wanted to just go artsy with these so I drew up a design and went to work.  When they were done, they came out looking like a brand new unworn pair (wish i'd taken a before pic to compare but oh well).  Here's the finished product below (btw the tongue lettering in the first pic was a last minute detail):

This pair is for my personal collection and not for sale.  However, if you have a custom idea of your own, email all inquiries to info@ecentrikart.net.  To purchase previously released customs, check out the website at www.ecentrikart.net.