"Spider Men"

Continuing the comic book custom themes, now comes another Spider-Man theme.  Initially it was going to be based on Peter Parker but also wanted to do one based off Miles Morales aka Ultimate Spider-Man and decided to do a hybrid two-tone version combining both.  Some reading this that may not follow comics probably aren't familiar with Miles Morales so i'll go into both versions.

Now most people, both comic readers and casual fans, already know the story of Peter Parker, the original Spidey.  He was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him his powers and became Spider-Man.

However, non-comic readers probably aren't familiar with Miles Morales, the other Spider-Man.

In a parallel universe, a scientist named Dr. Markus stole a sample of Peter Parker's blood (the Parker from the parallel universe, who was that universe's Spider-Man) to recreate the Spider-Man formula.  Super villain The Prowler (aka Aaron Davis) steals the formula and in the process, one of the spiders created by Markus makes its way into Prowler's duffle bag and later comes into contact with school student Miles Morales, who was bitten by it on a visit to the Davis's house (Davis happened to be Morales's uncle).  Morales develops spider powers but keeps it a secret from his parents.

Morales for a while has no interest in being a superhero until witnessing the death of the Spider-Man from his world, who died defeating their version of the Green Goblin.  It was Miles's best friend (the only one he confided in originally with his secret) who suggest he take up the Spider-Man mantle and at first he wore a similar costume to Parker but it was decided that it was in bad taste due to Parker's demise so he later ended up with his own design.  Morales also made history as he was the first time that the Spider-Man character was portrayed by a minority (Morales is half black, half hispanic).

In a Marvel mini-series called Spider-Men (which admittedly I haven't read yet), Miles would travel over to the main Marvel universe (known as the 616 Universe) and meet our version of Peter Parker, which initially led to some confusion and shock mainly on Miles's side having watched the Peter of his world die and then seeing him alive again in another world.

The two did eventually form a bond...

And inspired some cool comic-con cosplay moments. :D

So now that you're filled in, on to the shoes.

The original base shoe used was a shoe that i'm familiar with working on: The Jordan 3 "Fire Red".

And below is the finished product.

Left shoe:

Right shoe:

And both:

There were certain details that didn't come out exactly how I wanted them to (mainly with the spider webbing) but found a way to make the shoe work.  Originally  I wanted the webbing to wrap around the whole shoe on both and make it two tone as well (ex: the black webbing over the red background would turn into red webbing over black down in the elephant print areas and vice versa).  I also wanted it to wrap around on the fronts of both shoes but it wasn't lining up properly so instead I opted to do the the Spider eyes on the fronts, which actually kinda worked out better.

Still have another comic theme in the works.  Have a comic theme or non-comic theme of your own you'd like to have done?  Email me at info@ecentrikart.net for all inquiries.