Philly/NYC Collection

For those who don't know, I have roots in both Philadelphia & New York City.  I grew up in Philly (was actually born in the I don't have a British accent), and reside in NYC (Brooklyn to be exact.  Check out my personal art website for my bio:  With my love for both my hometown and my current city, I wanted to put something out as sort of a tribute to both.  For the most part, both design themes are fairly simple compared to most of my other work but I still wanted to incorporate things that represent and/or are staples of each city.


Anyone familiar with Philly will recognize City Hall in the background (did the Philly pics during a recent hometown visit).  I wanted a predominantly red, white, and blue scheme since those are the most identifiable colors with the city mainly due to its historical side (Betsy Ross and the flag, etc.). Philly's a city rich in history so I figured those elements should be included.

Two other staples of the city are the Liberty Bell and the Love Park statue:

(Love Park photo taken by me.  See more of my photography at

So I wanted to include both of those as well....

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For the NYC customs, I remembered the blue and orange colorway that's seen in the NY Knicks and NY Mets logos:

And since those colorways from two of the city's most legendary teams are automatically associated with the city (especially among sports fans), I figured it was only right to include them in the shoe:

And because NYC's often referred to as "The Big Apple", the rear of the shoes have a custom logo of an apple with a silouette of the city skyline in them.

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