Customer Spotlight: Run-DMC Tribute

This is a theme i've always wanted to do.  Growing up, I was a massive Run-DMC fan.  They're the most iconic hip hop group of all time and paved the way for pretty much every rap artist past and present that has enjoyed & is enjoying mainstream success.  The trio from Hollis, Queens just always had a certain aura about them that to this day is unmatched and created a lot of trends that to this day are a staple of hip hop culture in one way or another.  Anyway, a regular client of mine sent me a pair of shell toe Adidas a requested a theme inspired by the trio.

This design is pretty different from most of the work i've been known for.  I'm used to doing a lot of colorful, artsy work but kinda had to force myself to tone things down a bit because I wanted to do something that was closer to the Run-DMC style, as they weren't known for wearing bright and colorful fashions.....instead, they're style was pure b-boy/street style.....stylish and fly but at the same time keeping it Lee jeans, Adidas sweatsuits and/or leather jackets, fedora hats, fat rope chains, and of course....they're trademark Adidas sneakers....usually white with black or white stripes and no shoe strings in them.

Now onto the customs: The original base shoes were a pair of all-white shell toe Adidas.  The white stripes were changed to gold with a fat rope chain design on them (client's idea...I thought it was genius) and included on the rear sections in fancy lettering were the phrases "Kings Of Rock", "Run's House", "Down With The King", and "Tougher Than Leather" (I originally wanted to include song lyrics...specifically the first couple bars from "King of Rock" but thought it would look too crowded and not flow properly).  Also added were silhouettes of the hats (& DMC's glasses) and a silhouette of two microphones and a turntable & The initials "JMJ" on the backs, and of course...the classic Run-DMC logo.  And to give it an old school touch (also the client's idea), some fat shoe laces were added.  Check out the photos at the bottom & for all custom inquiries (serious inquiries only), email me at  Also, check out the many customs available at