"Dawn Of Justice"

Following the previously released Justice League Series as well as the hype for the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice film, I got the inspiration to do a spur of the moment custom geared towards the movie.  The elements of the shoe design were pieced together from a number of details from the movie trailers (these were done about 2 weeks before the movie release).  The shoes feature such details as the "False God" spray painting of the Superman statue in Metropolis, the defaced Robin costume seen in the Batcave, and various defacings seen in the poster pics of both heroes.  The idea was to have the shoes have a gritty, defaced/vandalized look to them to follow the dark tone of the film.  Plan on wearing this pair when I go to check out the movie (originally typed up this blog a day before the official release).  For all custom inquiries, email me at info@ecentrikart.net.  Also, be sure to check out the many available customs at the website, www.ecentrikart.net