Jackie Robinson Tribute - Brooklyn Dodgers

This is a shoe I actually made back in January but never shared until now.  I've always been aware of the legend of Jackie Robinson but didn't get the inspiration for these until watching the movie 42, which was based on the life story of Mr. Robinson.  In case you didn't know, Jackie Robinson was the first African-American baseball player to make it to the Major Leagues and break the color barrier.

I was so inspired by his story and personal journey that I decided to make a shoe influenced by him.  I went and looked at some old photos of him to get an idea of what the old Brooklyn Dodgers uniforms and baseball caps look like (of course the team is now located in Los Angeles but will always have that Brooklyn history attached to it).  Here are two of the photos I used for reference: a color pic of Mr. Robinson in his uniform and a pic of what his jersey number & logo look like:

But I also remembered that there was also an alternate light grey version (worn here by Chadwick Boseman in the movie):

So I sorta made a combo of the two:

And as an added touch, the Jumpman logo was redone in his image:

And here is the original base shoe used: The Jordan 3 "True Blue":

And there you have it.  My tribute to one of the all time greatest legends.

Baseball season is here...interested in an idea of your own?  Email me at info@ecentrikart.net.