"I See Colors"

Something I made recently for my personal collection.  These custom Jordan 11s are called "I See Colors".  Anyone who's followed my work over the years knows I love to do colorful pieces and I wanted to do something really abstract and trippy for this shoe theme.  I did a mock up for the shoe but ended up changing a lot of details as I went along so a lot of this is off the head.  Don't even remember exactly how many colors I used (had to be at least 8 to 10, including dyeing the clear bottom soles) but I pretty much just wanted to get some Jordan 11 Legend Blues (the base shoe) and go crazy with it.  This shoe is a 1 of 1 and not for sale but I can do similar themes by request.  Email at info@ecentrikart.net for all custom inquiries and also check out the website at www.ecentrikart.net.

Check out the pics below along with a before/after pic: