"In The Stone"

Originally I had a different name for these shoes but after I started working on them and made a good amount of progress, I felt like the original name didn't fit with the design.  Usually when i'm working I like to listen to music (as most artists do...I think everyone has something they like to listen to or watch while working)....I follow a lot of different music genres...rap, drum & bass, soft rock, electronic, classic 70s just to name a few.  On this night I was listening to legendary R&B & Funk band Earth, Wind, and Fire (my mom played a lot of their music when I was growing up so their material was a major part of my childhood).  Since I couldn't decide what to call them, I decided out of the blue that i'd name them after whatever song of theirs was on when I finished them.  That song happened to be "In The Stone" (which is actually my favorite of theirs aside from "Fantasy").

The shoes feature an abstract pattern with multiple shades of green.  I had originally planned to do something closer to a military camouflage style but changed my mind and went abstract with it.  The base shoe was a pair of all white Adidas Superstars.  Will add these to the website at a later date.

And in case you aren't familiar with the song these were named after: