Customer Spotlight: Air Jordan 4 "Nightwing"

I wanted to do a Nightwing shoe around the time I did the Justice League series but knew that kinda wouldn't make sense since he wasn't a member of the league but I got my chance recently when a client requested a pair of Air Jordans themed around the character.

For those who aren't up on comics: Nightwing (real name Dick Grayson) was the original Robin, partner of Batman (3 others have worn the mantle after Grayson: Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and now Bruce Wayne aka Batman's son Damien Wayne).  Once Grayson became and adult (and after a brief falling out with Batman), he relocated to Bludhaven (a fictional city outside of Gotham City) and took on the identity of Nightwing as a way to establish his own identity and step out of his mentor's shadow.  Although he still teams with Batman on occassion, Nightwing is pretty much a solo act with his own set of adventures (he also once spent time as a member of the Teen Titans).

Anyway, the shoes:

The original base for these was the Jordan 4 Military Blue:

And here is the finished product:

The logo design on the shoes is actually themed more after his design from the animated cartoons (Batman: The Animated Series, The Batman, Young Justice, etc.) as opposed to the comic book style seen on the action figures above.

And there you have it...Nightwing!

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