"Batman Beyond"

I've always wanted to do this theme since Batman Beyond is one of my favorite super hero cartoons of all time.  For those who aren't up on the character:

50 years in the future, Bruce Wayne, the original Batman, has long since retired from crime fighting as Batman due to his aging.  He meets a young teenage kid and former trouble youth named Terry McGinnis when he and McGinnis are fighting off a gang of thugs known as The Jokerz gang (an obvious tribute to Batman's most well known nemesis).  Although Wayne is still skilled enough to fight off the attackers even at his older age, when they flee McGinnis finds him off in the corner breathing heavily as the activity causes Bruce's heart condition to act up.  McGinnis helps him back to his Wayne Manor mansion to get his medicine and as he's leaving he accidentally stumbles across the batcave, finding out that Bruce Wayne was indeed Batman.  Wayne kicks McGinnis out and McGinnis comes home to find out that his father has been murdered by the Jokerz as a measure of revenge (apparently one of them knew McGinnis from school).  A series of events stemming from both that and the use of illegal chemical weapons from Derek Powers aka Blight eventually lead to McGinnis becoming the new Batman, under the mentorship of Bruce Wayne.

The shoes:

The base shoe was a pair of all white Nike Dunk lows that I found on sale in the clearance rack at a sneaker store (a shoe model from Nike that's no longer in production....it was on sale for dirt cheap and made for a great base so I couldn't pass it up).

The shoes include the Batman logo and costume colors along with a grey custom pattern splattered throughout to give it a unique look.  Also on the rear of the shoes are the words "Apathy Greed Corruption Power Hope Courage Honor Justice", which can be seen on the screen during the original cartoon intro.

Now this particular version is not for sale, however, I can duplicate this style and theme on a different shoe such as a Nike Air Force 1, Adidas Superstar, Jordan Retro, etc.  Or if you have a pair of your own shoes that you'd like to send for this or any other super hero theme, check out the Super Hero custom theme option on the website: http://www.ecentrikart.net/product/comic-book-themed-customs-customer-must-supply-shoe