"Misty Knight"

The idea for these came from an old baby picture of me with my mom.  I mentioned how she resembled Marvel Comics character Misty Knight (mom was rocking an awesome fro' in the pic) and she gave me the idea to make her a pair of boots themed after the character.  For those unaware, Misty Knight is a Marvel super hero and supporting character in the Luke Cage Netflix series.  In the comics, she's a kick ass super hero with a metal arm who's skilled in martial arts, has super strength, and is the love interest of Iron Fist (who's Netflix series debuts next spring).

The base for the custom was a pair of women's black leather Timberland boots.  I decided to go primarily red for the base color (similar to the above pic) and added a comic book-like style and here's the finished product:

I even included the Daughters of the Dragon logo on the hangtag that came with the boots (Daughters of the Dragon is a comic book series starring Misty Knight and Colleen Wing).  And as an added bonus, I even made my mom a Misty Knight painting:

The painting is actually themed after Misty's 70's look from the Power Man & Iron Fist comics from that era.  It was specifically inspired by a photo of one of my favorite comic book artists, John Byrne.  I always loved his style and was a big fan of his Misty drawings as they captured that 70's era perfectly.

The boots and the painting:

They even got some acknowledgement from the TV Misty Knight herself:

The boots and painting are a 1 of 1 but similar themes can be done.  Contact via the Ecentrik Artistry website for all inquiries.