"CM Punk"

CM Punk has always been a unique and interesting personality to me....his look, his in-ring style and ability, and personality.  As a lifelong wrestling fan, i've been a fan of Punk since his Ring of Honor days (which is where I first saw him in action) and followed his work on the indies (quick story:  In the early 2000s at an ROH show in Philly, I was seated a few rows from the ring and there was a six-man match going on and after the match, CM Punk ran in and chased off Steve Corino, who was a participant in the match and had a feud with Punk during the time.  Corino ran right by me and Punk threw a chair at him from in the ring and the chair whizzed by my head....if I had been a few inches over to the left I would've gotten clocked by a CM Punk chair.  A guy standing near me even said "You almost got clocked!"  Never forgot that moment).  Anyway, Phil Brooks, aka CM Punk, would eventually go on to sign with WWE where he won multiple titles including the world heavyweight title.  Many might feel he's a controversial figure due to him not being very outspoken and not biting his tongue when it comes to his business with WWE, feelings on Vince McMahon, Triple H, the McMahon family, etc.  After leaving WWE, Punk tried his hand in UFC as well as writing comics.  I've always respected him not only for being a great in-ring competitor and awesome promo guy, but for his ability to not be afraid to say what's on his mind.  Personally i'd love to see him return to a wrestling ring again whether it's WWE, ROH, Impact, the indies, Japan, wherever...but even if he doesn't, his impression and legacy in the business is solidified.

Anyway, on to the shoes.  I got the idea to do a Nike Air Force 1 shoe themed around Punk the wrestler.  I looked to the yellow and black colors of his outfit that he wore during the infamous "Pipe Bomb" Promo from 2011 (minus the Austin t-shirt):

The shoes feature the signature lightning fist t-shirt logo on the toes along with his "Best In The World" and "Pipe Bomb"  quotes and "Straight Edge" on the rear of the shoes.  Not one of my fanciest or most detailed shoes but one of my most fun to do.  If you are interested in ordering a wrestling themed shoe of your own, click here for ordering info.