"The Villain" Marty Scurll

Marty Scurll is one of the most unique personalities to come along in professional wrestling in years.  Aside from him being a great in-ring competitor, Scurll has a very unique character and presentation.  The outfit, the villain mask, the umbrella....he stands out in a very interesting way and his style is very intriguing.  The UK based Scurll, who competes for Ring Of Honor Wrestling and is a former World Television Champion and newest member of Bullet Club, has become one of my personal favorite wrestlers in the business today.

(Marty Scurll ROH Promo Video)

After I posted the Ring Of Honor custom shoes on my Twitter a few months back, I got this tweet from Scurll:

Although I didn't jump on the idea right away, the wheels had indeed already started turning in my head.  Months later one of my Twitter followers had asked me if I was going to do a Marty Scurll theme and around that same time Scurll joined the Bullet Club during a wrestling angle that got tons of huge buzz.  I figured then I might as well not put it off any longer and make the shoe theme happen.

Remembering from the previous tweet that Scurll is an Air Max fan, I decided to use the all white Air Max 90s as the canvas for his theme.

I noticed how Scurll's videos and outfits are usually always black and white (with maybe some greys) I wanted to keep that color scheme with the shoes.  I also looked at some of the shirts on his Pro Wrestling Tees page for inspiration and this was the one that stuck out to me the most so I incorporated it into the shoes as well:

These things along with my own signature abstract touch and these were the finished product result:

Air Max 90s in true villain fashion!  After these were posted, they got mentioned and posted/retweeted on Instagram and Twitter by the Villain himself!

Since then these have gotten a lot of retweets, comments, and even a few inquiries.  For those interested in having a custom wrestling themed shoe of your own, reach me through the contact section of the website or directly by email at ecentrik@yahoo.com or info@ecentrikart.net.