Daredevil vs. Punisher Pack

With the series of Marvel shows releasing on Netflix, a lot of Marvel's street level heroes have been getting as much spotlight as their upper level movie counterparts.  Two of my favorites to show up in the Netflix corner of the MCU are Daredevil and The Punisher.

I've been a massive DD fan since a kid and he's probably my favorite street level hero from the Marvel Universe.  Through his comic I got into The Punisher, who's always had ties to both Daredevil and Spider Man (where he made his first comic appearance).  The Netflix shows inspired these next two customs.

1.  Daredevil:

The Daredevil shoes were made using a pair of Jordan 1 mids (white/gym red).  I thought with the red sock liner and bottom soles that it would compliment the theme perfectly with the different shades of red to resemble the costume.

Base shoes:

Finished product:

As an added touch, the Jumpman on the tongues feature Matt Murdock in his original black outfit from his first days as Daredevil while the Jumpman logos on the rear were made into Daredevil in his current and classic red costume.

2.  The Punisher:

The Punisher customs were made using a pretty obscure shoe model which isn't even on the market anymore, the Nike Dunk High Premium (white/pine green/varsity maize).  I had used this shoe for numerous other themes years ago when the shoe was new and managed to find a pair on sale a while back.  I grabbed them when I saw them on sale at a sneaker store a few months back since it's a great shoe to work with and I thought it would be perfect for the theme.

Base shoe:

Finished product:

The design features the classic Punisher skull logo along with bullet holes throughout the shoes and the "One batch, two batch, penny and dime" saying that was made famous from Punisher's origin story in season 2 of Daredevil".

Both of these shoes are for sale on the website.  They are 1 of 1 pairs, both size 10.5.  To purchase as a set or individually click here.  P.S., the deadline to purchase is July 31st.  If one or neither are sold by them I will be keeping for my personal collection.