"Creativity Over Hype"

A while back I adopted the phrase "Creativity Over Hype" as my brand slogan because I felt like it describes my personal style and represents the idea I had for my brand from day one (although I do feel like I got away from that at times but always came back).  In a day and age where I see a number of customizers doing the same themes and at times when i'm scrolling my Instagram feed only a few stand out while many others I can't tell who's who (to each their own though), I like to be one of the ones that stand out from the pack and give people something that others aren't doing.

Creativity Over Hype is about creating art that I feel from my soul as opposed to following whatever current custom trend is hot at the moment.  Again, to each their own but I feel like I make better art when i'm operating in my own space and have a large amount of creative freedom.

To go with these kicks, there is a matching custom t-shirt:

And here is the original base shoe used for the custom: the white Air Force 1 High:

At the moment i'm only accepting 25 orders for these, t-shirt included with each (sizes Small to 3XL).  If you're a newsletter subscriber (subscribe for free at the site homepage) you'll get a discount coupon to use with your order for this item.  To purchase, order by clicking here.