"Black Tiger"

I love doing camouflage prints but I feel like tiger camo has always been a print that i've struggled to nail.  For a few weeks I would print out some shoe templates and hand draw tiger print on them till I feel like I got it to flow how I wanted it to be (I do all my camouflage prints and all my work in general by hand btw...I don't knock airbrushing but hand painting is just my preference.  Feels more organic to me).

So now that I feel like I have it down I came up with some tiger camo based themes that I wanted to put out and this was one of them.  Came up with this idea in a day and decided to make the shoes the following day.

The original base was a pair of white on white Air Force 1 Highs:

And below is the finished product:

The shoes feature mixes of black, grey, and charcoal grey in the prints and base color along with a dark teal to turquoise gradient on the swooshes (also hand done).  Almost reminiscent of a Tiffany Dunk type of colorway.

These customs are up in the online store and will be officially available for purchase Friday, 10/20/17 (these shoes are also eligible for the discount code featured on the online store page).  To purchase, click here.

For custom inquiries, visit contact section of the main website, www.ecentrikart.net/contact.