"Alien Virus" Custom Air Max 90

The "Alien Virus" custom air max 90 is the latest work from Ecentrik Artistry. Some of you may remember the blog post a week or so ago featuring the prototype pair called Mysterious Hybrid. In that post I indicated that I wouldn't be releasing that version of the shoe and that I would retool the design and even put it on a different shoe..well I decided to only keep one design element from the originals (which would be the yellow/orange/black pattern on the shoelace area and front toe area) while changing the design and colors around the rest of the shoe altogether. The result became what is now known as the Alien Virus custom Air Max 90.

Why the name "Alien Virus"? The inspiration is kind of a cross between movies like Outbreak, Species, and Resident Evil combined with shows like "V" and a little horror influence. Check out the video below which goes into detail with the story behind it as well as some pics posted below the video: