Customer Spotlight : "Saul!" Custom Air Force One Low

As mentioned in a previous blog regarding the Freshbooks custom sneakers, I had another project in the works for Freshbooks teamster extraordinaire Saul Colt. I also mentioned before that Saul is a repeat customer so it was definitely a pleasure to take on this new project for him.

Saul basically gave me the green light to come up with whatever design/style I could think of from this kooky brain of mine, as long as I incorporated this cool drawing:

So after a little brainstorming, here's what I came up with:

The color scheme of the shoes comes from the outfit that Saul's wearing in the picture while the pattern seen in the blue (as well as the black pattern seen in the red areas) actually comes from the folds & shading in the pants of the drawing. And the "Saul!" lettering came from Saul's website (check it out here).

And there you have it...original custom air force ones for the smartest man in the world!!