"Bamboo Tree" Dunk High (1-of-1)

Here's another random 1-of-1 pair. These were actually done months ago but i'm just now getting around to posting them. The inspiration comes from the bamboo tree, which have huge significance in various parts of Asia.

The base shoe I used was a dunk I had been looking for everywhere for about a year or so but I think Nike discontinued it. Turns out I just happened to luck up one day and find it in some random sneaker store on Canal St. in Manhattan (in fact it was the same store I found the base shoe for these).

Here's the base shoe:

At the time that I finally got these I didn't know what I wanted to do with them..I was just glad to finally find them! I didn't come up with the bamboo idea until about 3 months later. I wanted to do something that wasn't as heavy on the patterns but still big on bright colors. So without further ado here's the finished product: