Facebook free custom sneaker & toy contest winners announced!

Recently I held a contest on the Ecentrik Facebook fanpage in which there would be 3 winners: 1st place was a free pair of customized footwear, 2nd place a free customized vinyl toy from the online store, and 3rd place half off any item from the online store. Well i'm proud to announce the contest winners (again it was for fans of the facebook page only so if you're on FB and aren't a fan of the page..you missed out!)

1st place went to Ruben Montes of San Jose, CA. Ruben is a talented artist himself who's work has been featured on sites like The Freshstock. I've seen some of his work on Vans canvas shoes and was blown away! He just recently made his first forte into doing work on leather based shoes (Check out the Call of Duty/Air Jordan Retro 1′s that he recently made). Anyway, Ruben won the contest by being the first to answer the trivia question I asked in a video, which was 'What was the name of the legendary designer who originally designed the Nike Air Force Ones in the 80s?' (the answer is Bruce Kilgore..google him!). I gave Ruben the option of either selecting a pair of kicks from the online store (ecentrik.bigcartel.com) or an original 1-of-1 custom. After trading a few emails, he informed me of what he had in mind, which was basically for me to do whatever came to mind (!) as long as I incorporated the San Jose Sharks color scheme:

The plan was to come up with something that stood out but was still a little subtle and here's the result:



2nd place went to Nizos from Sweatshop Clothing (who I actually collaborated with before) so I hooked him up with the custom munny figure of his choice, which was the Dimension Traveler:

He even put together a cool slideshow!

I especially like the last pic cause it has a custom munny on the left that was done by the homie Sab One of Sab One Customs out in Boston (www.sab-1.com)

The 3rd Place prize went to Eric Yeh from California, who will get his next order from the online store for half the regular price!

Now there might be some people reading this thinking "Oh, that's not fair, the guys who won are his friends/he knows them, they're already artists", etc. Well, the fact is that they played the contest fair and by the rules and happened to be the first to respond while lots of others were sleeping and missing their chance to win. Moral of the story: you get the chance to win something free that's not given away everyday..don't sleep because this could've been you!! I'm planning some other good stuff for fans of the page in the future (also fans of the page already get a 30% discount) so if you're on facebook, don't miss out on future goodies, 'Like' the page and tell everyone you know to do the same!!



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