Custom Kicks, Toys....& Graphic/Logo Design?

Most people know me strictly for customizing sneakers/footwear and toys (which by the way, to those who've only been familiar with my work over the past year, I DO customize other shoes besides Nike...more on that in a future blog), but another thing I tend to play around with is graphic & logo design.

Now I don't have a degree in the's just something I've been doing just as a hobby over the past few years. And being as though I've found myself doing it more often lately as well as having done some logos for friends, in the back of my mind I have been thinking about expanding more on the possibility of making it a regular thing and accepting commissions.

This in no way means that I plan to retire from doing custom shoes..that's still my number one passion and I feel I still have so much more to offer in that arena. But i'm also enjoying tinkering with logo ideas and doing different picture effects (by the way, I designed the Bizarre Visions logo for this blog). Now my logo work may not be as unique as the stuff Sweatshop Clothing does, but I think it's pretty decent. A few samples:

Here's two commissioned logos I did for a friend in the UK:

Recent business card design:

And a random piece followed by a design done for the facebook page:

Like mentioned before, this was mainly a hobby but i've been thinking about taking this area of my art experience to that next level (which is exactly how things started with the custom footwear). I would love to hear people's feedback/opinions, especially from people who may have experience in the area.


  1. I too like to tinker around with graphics, I was working on a degree on it, but I think my passion is leaning more towards makeup and fashion like always. It doesnt hurt do to lil jobs on the side. Your designs are fresh and clean :)

  2. Yeah I've just been thinking about doing the graphics thing more often even though customizing shoes is still my main passion. I just always always had this hands-on mentality with my work..doing my own logos, editing my own youtube videos & getting creative with them, etc. I might try it out and see where it goes. Thanks for the compliment on my designs too..I try to do my best :)


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