"Dr. Chameleon" Custom Dunk High (w. Dr. Chameleon custom figure)

Here's a pair of custom dunks that were made for the recent gallery exhibit in NY. These are the Dr. Chameleon custom dunk highs. For this shoe I wanted to go with something extremely loud and outrageous so I grabbed the shoes, paint, & other materials and got to work (I used so many different colors that I don't even remember them all!).

The idea was to create a crazy colorful shoe and to have a matching figure who's color scheme was just as crazy and blended with the shoe (hence the "Chameleon" name). To go with the shoe, I managed to find a really small brush that I altered to fit in the figure's hand to make it look as though he's the one painting the shoe! And the goggles (all the Kidrobot figures come with random accessories..this one came with the goggles) were a perfect touch, so I painted those as well to go with the whole theme, giving him that whole crazy mad scientist look.

These shoes are a 1-of-1 item. I don't really plan to sell these as i'm considering keeping them as a display item in my house (seriously!), but may consider offers. The shoes are a kids size 6.


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