For Sale: Custom High Heel Pumps & Chuck Taylors

The following items are currently for sale. These are some custom high heel pumps (plus a pair of unisex custom Converses) that were displayed at my recent exhibit at Orchard Windows Gallery in Manhattan. These items are 1-of-1 items (sizes are listed beneath each pic) but if you want to purchase a pair that's not the correct size I may be willing to remake them in other sizes.

Email for pricing and other info (sizes are US sizes; email for international size info).

(1. "And For Dessert.." - Size 6)

(2. "Bad Girls" - Size 10)

(3. "Raspberry Champagne" - Size 9)

(4. "I Am.." - Size 7 and a half)

(5. "Subliminal Message.." - Size 8)

(6. "Untitled" - Size 9)

(7. "Beau Femme" (Beautiful Woman) - Size 9)

(8. "Spotted" Custom Leather Chuck Taylors (Unisex) - Size 6 womens/Size 4 mens)