"Tropical Paradise" (aka The Original "Tropical Sunsets")

Sometimes when coming up with a design i'll end up making a couple different concept sketches for a project before settling on one final version (that is when i'm not doing stuff off my head). Usually the final design makes the cut while the other unused sketches end up not seeing the light of day or in some cases i'll end up trashing them. Some of you are familiar with the Summer Love Collection/, which features 3 shoes with summer-related themes. The most popular of the trio ended up being the "Tropical Sunset" Air Force Ones. Now this design wasn't the original design for this shoe, but it just so happens that I still have the original sketch that I created for this shoe.

One day I uploaded a picture on my facebook page of me making this shoe for a customer overseas, when my friend Ce Cilia (who's also an awesome multi-talented artist herself..check out her blog: www.sweetsurrenderart.com/) mentioned how I should do a similar style in different colors. I remembered her mentioning violet as one of the colors and it made me think of the original version of the tropical sunsets that I never put out, and BAM..the inspiration was there to bring them to life (thanks Ce Cilia!).

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the two (The Summer Love version on the left & the unreleased version on the right..which I now call "Tropical Paradise"):

and a few more pics of the unreleased version:

There are obvious changes besides the colorway like the Summer Love version having the actual sun in the sunset and that little tree in the front side of the shoe missing. Personally I like the Summer Love version better as far as the detail and the way the colors go with the particular theme, but I love the colorway in the unreleased version & think I want to incorporate some of that into a future shoe, except I might center it around a different theme and do something with a lot more detail.

The original versions aren't for sale (at least not at the moment)..think of these as just an unused sample. Which ones do you like better..the originals? The Summer Love versions? Should the unreleased ones be released? Opinions are welcome!


  1. I love the newer version and thanks for the shout out!!! Much love elom!


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