Air Max 90 "Appetite For Destruction"

The Appetite For Destruction SB Dunks were one of my favorite dunk designs. What stuck out to me the most was the colorway, which was of course inspired by the debut album by rock group Guns N Roses which also holds the same name. However, I'm not the biggest fan of suede kicks since I like to be able to wear my sneakers in any type of weather and well...we all know what happens to suede when it gets wet. So recently I got to thinking how this design would look on a pair of Nike Air Max 90s (which have become one of my favorite shoes to work with) and decided to take a break from doing one of my own creations & see how I would interpret a Nike creation on a different shoe (I re-made the Playstation Air Force One last year but this was a much different process).

Now here's a picture of the original shoe..the Nike Appetite For Destruction SB Dunk:

And here's my custom Air Max version:

Obviously there are a few differences in the two besides the actual base shoe. The Air Max version is more colorful since it has more customizable areas on the shoe than sb dunks. I also tried to duplicate the patent leather effect in the gradient area. The patent shine probably doesn't show as well on the pics but is a little more noticeable in person, although still not as shiny as the originals. I also tried to make a contrast in shades of black..the toe box and rear areas were done using a charcoal shade while the side panels use a normal black. I honestly debated what to put on the back heel area where the Nike Air symbol once stood & had a few ideas but ended up filling it in with charcoal & leaving it blank. If I re-create these in the future I will most likely add something there..maybe the Gn'R logo that I originally considered.

And there you have it..the Appetite For Destruction Air Max 90s! Comments (& criticisms) are welcome. Interested in a pair of these? Email me at