My Sister's Birthday

Recently my sister celebrated her birthday and as a gift I wanted to give her something special..something I knew that no one else had. So being as though she's always been one of my biggest supporters since i've been customizing sneakers (or even doing my art for that matter), I figured I would make her an original pair of kicks. And being as though I had just recently come up with a womens t-shirt design (more on that in a minute) and already gotten her feedback & interest with the shirt, I decided to have the shirt made up & design the shoes to go with it. Here's what the shirt looks like:

And here's the sneakers:

And here's both together:

Happy to say that my sister, who's in public relations (and will be doing P.R. for me) loved the combo! So with her enjoying the gift and us getting together for dinner along with family & friends, it was a pretty good day :)

Now more about the shirt:

The shirt is titled "80s Baby" because of it's throwback logo design, which is reminiscent of the old Miami Vice style logo along with the colorful fade design inside the lettering. This shirt is a womens tee and will be available in sizes X-Small to 2XL. The shirt will be available for pre-order at the online store site starting Tuesday, November 1st, 2011, which is the day after the limited edition Stealth Air Max 90s go on sale.

As for the shoes, this particular design is a 1-of-1 design (hey, it's a gift for my sister...she'll be the only one to have them!) but if you desire something similar, just send an email inquiry to