New York Comic Con 2011

As I probably mentioned before, I am a huge comic book fan, so when I heard about the New York Comic Con coming, I decided to make the trip to the event this year. This was the first comic con I had been to in about 3 years so it was pretty obvious that I was super geeked about it! It's always fun to be around fellow comic book fans & see tons of people decked out in comic/cartoon/anime t-shirts or full fledged costumes (which is tradition at these events). Not to mention all the personalities and cool stuff you see like toys, statues, video games, etc. So I went to the event, which was 4 days (Oct. 13-16), with my camera in hand & went on a picture frenzy while buying some comics, merchandise, and even networking with a few other artists here & there (and even handed out some business cards..had a few people asking me about the Superhuman Air Max 90s I wore along with this tee shirt). I went to the Friday & Saturday shows & took so many pics with my new Sony Bloggie that I ended up running my battery energy low by Saturday (forgot to charge it the night before), but when that happened, I whipped out the camera phone & kept snapping! I thought I'd show a few pics I took at the shows over the weekend (tons more on my personal fb page). Enjoy!

(Beautiful women aplenty decked out in costumes..Me-ow!)

I really dig the retro Luke Cage costume!

This was the coolest zombie I even seen. This guy stayed in character the whole time..he had the zombie limp, the muttering, and everything

Life size Transformers Optimus Prime made totally out of Legos

Marvel's Avengers booth. Even two stars from the upcoming movie made an appearance!

I think I just fell in love....

I reeeeally want this book!

The Mighty (& gorgeous) Ms. Marvel

Whilce Portacio, one of my favorite artists, doing a sketch

Captain America in the classic WWII costume

DC was well represented..their 'New 52' campaign with the rebooted universe is red hot!! I picked up the hard-to-find issues I was missing.

Super Sonic!

And of course, what would the day be without Spider Man!

And there you have it...all the fun that is the New York Comic Con! Now i'm gonna go get some's been a fun (yet exhausting) weekend. I'll be back in a few days with some new art..including a special project or two in the works...stay tuned!