"Toucan" Dunk Low (1-of-1)

The Toucan. That unusual looking colorful tropical bird with the big colorful bill. Being as though they're not the type of bird you see everyday, most people are probably more familiar with toucans because of this guy:

Yeah, me too. Used to be one of my favorite cereals :)

Anyway, I usually love to do shoes based on odd concepts or just stuff people rarely think of on the day-to-day. This was another one of those ideas I came up with many moons ago that I just got around to doing..it was done using some Nike dunk lows and is called simply "Toucan".

The shoe, which was originally going to be released as part of this past summer's Summer Love Collection, features an orange & yellow gradient and a lighter yellow shade in the toe box. If you look closely on the side of the shoe you can see that the toucan's eye..

..is included as well:

As mentioned before, only one of this shoe has and will be made. Since finishing the shoe I had been planning to keep them as part of my personal collection/wardrobe but if an offer is made before the week ends (by 10/9/11) I may consider parting with them. The shoes are a mens size 12. Interested? Contact info@ecentrikart.net before 10/9/11 with a good offer or else they stay here with me!