"Art Is My Therapy"

Lots of activity going on in the Ecentrik Online Store these days! Along with the recent addition of the Limited Edition "Stealth" Air Max 90s (read about them here) and the Appetite For Destruction Air Max 90s (read about them here) comes the "Art Is My Therapy" t-shirts! These shirts are available in both men sizes (small, med, large, 2xlarge, 3xlarge) and women sizes (x-small, small, med, large). These shirts are currently available for pre-order and will start shipping out on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11). The shirts will be produced in limited quantities.

Mens Version

Ladies Version:

As with most of my work, there's a certain inspiration behind this item. I got to thinking about about three years ago when I was going through moments of depression due to certain circumstances happening in my life (financial turmoil, the passing of a close friend..which was the first time I really experienced losing someone close to me). At times I felt like I was standing on the edge of the cliff contemplating whether or not I should jump. I had people in my life to talk to who were there for me and while I definitely appreciated it I still sometimes felt like they didn't totally understand what I was going through at the time. The only other thing I felt like I could do was take some solace in my art, which at the time I wouldn't say I was neglecting it but I wasn't putting as much energy into it as I knew I should've been. So I started spending more time getting out of the house and just getting "out & about", gaining tons of inspiration and translating that into my artwork, spending day after day just getting lost in my own art world. Ironically from that life turmoil & mental/emotional pain, Ecentrik Artistry was born. I had been designing sneakers long before then but creating Ecentrik Artistry was when I really started to take it serious and it was like a reboot to my career (compare it to how the Batman movies had Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, & George Clooney before starting the franchise over with Christian Bale along with a fresh new storyline) Being in that artistic zone was and is so therapeutic that it was like nutrition for my mind, body, and soul. It became, and still is, my therapy. Although life isn't perfect, things are 50 times better than they were during that time & focusing on my craft has definitely been paying off...since then I've done 2 NY art shows, a live customization for a boutique last summer, gotten lots of online press, done collaborations, and started to really get the Ecentrik Artistry brand known more on both a national & international level...there's even been expansion into vinyl toys, logo design, and of course, t-shirts/clothing!

Despite the amount of progress, I feel like i'm just starting to scratch the surface & haven't even begun to show people what I can do! There's so much more of everything on the way..more sneakers, more canvas art, more shirts, more logo/graphic designs..just gotta get myself to do more toys (I actually have 3 I did at the beginning of the year that I still haven't shown to anyone). Stay tuned!