"Noir" Custom Air Force Ones (aka Noir version 2.0)

The sequel to the Noir Dunk low is here!

Going into creating these, I wanted to redo the artwork on the shoes while still keeping the same overall theme from the originals:

Original Dunk version:

2.0 Air Force One version:

Before I go into detail, let it be known that the Air Force One version is available to order (click here)! These are available in both men & women sizes.

As with the previous version, these shoes come in a custom hand-painted box:

And the actual design of the shoes stick with the same gritty black & white theme of the originals:

With most of my work, people usually tell me that my shoes have that "factory" look, meaning that they look as if they came straight from the factory & you can't even tell that they're hand painted. With this particular theme, I wanted it to have more of a portrait painting look or an edgy black & white comic book look (imagine reading an issue of Sin City off of a shoe). It's the grittiness of the theme that makes the shoe what it is.

As of this entry, the shoes have already been featured on two websites so far:

Noir Air Force Ones on The Freshstock

Noir Air Force Ones on StyleEngine.com

And again, here's the direct link to order: Order the Noir Air Force Ones

And last but not least, a promo video!