Many of you are familiar with the limited edition Stealth Air Max 90s I released a while ago (still taking orders for a few more before they're discontinued...click here to order). In case you aren't, they're a custom Air Max 90 design patterned after that of the Jordan 3 Stealth Nike release. Well, I decided to do the Jordan/Air Max 90 theme again..but this time there will be 3 different designs which will be revealed at a later time. All I will reveal is that they will be based off of retro Jordan III shoes (which are also my personal favorite Jordans of all time).

The project is simply titled "23" and like the Stealths, these Air Max 90s will be limited edition..Only 20 pairs of each shoe will be made. This is also the last Jordan-themed project that I plan on making (at least for a while).

This project will be dropping around mid to late January. Stay tuned to the blog for more details and exact release dates.