Customer Spotlight: NYC Skyline Customs

Recently, I was commissioned by fellow artist Kenneth Ian to come up with a pair of custom shoes that would feature a silhouette of the New York City skyline. I thought the idea was a really cool one as it immediately made me think of the Tropical Sunset Air Force ones I made last summer as part of the Summer Love Collection, which had a similar idea but on a smaller scale. Ken even gave me the option of choosing what model shoe to use as a canvas for this project, as long as it was a pair of high top Nikes. So after some brainstorming and a little searching, I came across a stock photo or two to use as reference (one of which I used to make the box label:

And here's a look at the finished project:

The idea was to make the picture look as if it could be an actual sunrise/sunset seen in the distance, along with some major landmark New York buildings..specifically the Empire State Building and Statue Of Liberty. As with the Tropical Sunset shoes, the color blending was done by hand and made to similate the way the color hues shift as the sky goes from dayl to night.

I also took the time to check out Ken's website, and I must say the man is an extraordinary artist. He was even kind enough to invite me to a show he has coming up in Brooklyn on the 20th of this month and is also a featured artist in the Conception Art Show mention in the last blog update.

Feel free to check out the art of Kenneth Ian at


  1. Sweet!!!! cant wait to rock them... might i add u are a amazing artist and a class act!!!!

  2. nice opinion, thanks for sharing...


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