Air Max 90 "True Blue"

Originally I told myself (and a few others) that I would not be doing anymore Jordan themed projects after the previously released 23 Collection (which admittedly was not as successful as I had hoped it would be...the Stealth Air Max 90s were the only exception). Turns out that after getting a little inspiration, I decided to squeeze in one more design theme.

To be honest, i'm not real huge on doing what's known as "color flips" (which is taking a design from a official Nike released shoe & putting that design on a different shoe..but will still do if requested by a customer) because I usually prefer to create more original themes, but every now & then there's that rare exception. The True Blue Air Maxes are one of those exceptions.

Above are the original Jordan III True Blue sneakers. Once upon a time when I was a big Jordan shoe fan the Jordan IIIs were my all time favorites & this was one of my favorite versions of the was a clean, subtle shoe with very little flash & just an all around fresh look. So I basically wanted to recreate that style on a pair of Air Max 90s, which are one of my favorite Nike shoes & one of the most flexible to work with:

Above is the custom Air Max 90 version. For the most part I tried to stay true to the theme & color placement of the originals..although there are some exceptions such as the blue tone being slightly lighter than the originals and of course the Nike Air writing on the tongues as opposed to the Jumpman logo (although the colors are the same).

Also the lettering on the back of the shoe is also in blue just as the originals have the blue Jumpman logo on the back.

Also with these shoes I'm including the Ecentrik Artistry "True Blue" t-shirt (both mens & womens sizes available):

These items are currently available in the Ecentrik Online Store & can be ordered directly at the link Here.