Ecentrik Artistry: Summer Love II

Last year's Summer Love collection was one of the most fun shoe collections I had ever done. Being as though summer is my favorite season, I loved the idea of doing shoes with a summer theme (click here to see last year's collection). Loved it so much that I decided to do it again this year..this time with different individual summer related designs. So here's Summer Love, Part 2!

 1. "Clear Blue Waters" One thing that's synonymous with summer is the beach/swimming. Think of all the times you've either seen on tv or in person the cool ocean waters or even taken a dip in a swimming pool...


So I thought it would be fun to come up with a shoe that related directly to that idea:

The shoe features multiple shades of blue to give it that effect of the rippling mult-blue ocean waters and even features the water bubbles for added measure.

(Click here to order Clear Blue Waters)

2.  "Tropical Sunrise"

Of all the shoes from last year's series, the Tropical Sunset shoes got the best response.  So for this shoe, I wanted to revisit that theme.

What's just as beautiful as an island sunset is an island sunrise:

So as before, I brought that vibe to the Tropical Sunrise shoe:

And here's a side by side comparison of the Tropical Sunset & the Tropical Sunrise:

As you can see, the design is exactly the same but I wanted to change the colorway to give it more of an early morning sunrise feel.

(click here to order Tropical Sunrise)

3.  "Fruit Smoothie"

Nothing says summer quite like a cool beverage on a hot day!  My favorite drink of choice during the summer happens to be the ever popular smoothie.  Besides them just being all around refreshing, they're available in tons of flavor combos:

So I decided to combine them all for this shoe!

*Smoothie not included :)*

(Click here to order Fruit Smoothie)

Each color on the shoe represents a different flavor or flavors: The front toe area (grape), the red in the rear of the shoe (cherry/strawberry), the green side panels (lime) the blue swoosh, midsole panel, and laces (blueberry), the yellow panels(banana/pineapple), and the upper side faded portion above the swoosh (orange/mango).  The back of the shoe also features a silhouette of a smoothie.

And there you have it..the Summer Love II Collection!  These shoes are available throughout the entire summer in both men and women sizes in the online shop ( Both US and UK sizes will be listed. If you have any other questions regarding size availability, etc. feel free to contact me at

Have a happy and safe summer!!