"Toucan" Custom Dunk High (LIMITED QUANTITIES)

On the heels of the limited edition "Bee Sting" custom shoes posted yesterday, in comes another limited release from Ecentrik Artistry, titled "Toucan".

The shoe is not only named and modeled after the bird of the same name, but also a recreation of a previously made design.  The previous version, however, was just a 1-of-1 pair whereas this version is available for purchase (also the originals are a low top shoe while the new version is a high top shoe).

Again here's a pic of the toucan bird:

And here's pictures of the Toucan shoes:

Again these will be made in a few select sizes and EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES!  This shoe's planned as a one time release, which will make these ultra-rare so you may want to grab yours now!

Order at the link here: Toucan Custom Dunk High (LIMITED QUANTITIES)