Air Jordan III "Hot Nights In Miami"

I decided to visit the South Beach theme once again...kinda.

Most may remember the South Beach Jordan IV theme...well, I wanted to do something with the colorway again but without it being just another south beach custom.  So what I did was take the colorway (but substituted pink with magenta) and incorporated one of my own design patterns into the design.  Another thing I did was use a different shoe.  Instead of going with the Jordan 4s used in the previous version I decided on going with my favorite Jordan model: the Jordan 3s (in this case the white cement 3s):

Another influence for the design: The South Beach Strip in Miami:

The Result:

And the Before & After:

The shoe design is available to order at the online store....however, for the time being the customer must supply their own shoes for the customization.

 (note: Nike & Jordan Brand recently announced that they are releasing the Jordan 88 version of the White Cement 3s in the before picture, which will have the Nike Air logo on the back panel instead of the Jumpman so there will be the option of having the 88 version customized if desired once that shoe is released).  Here is the direct store link with all of the info for the "Hot Nights In Miami":