Air Jordan 3 "Nightmare In Red"

The nightmare continues!  For a good while I had been wanting to do another "nightmare" shoe.  First there was the 1-of-1 "Nightmare In Green" Jordan 4s, followed by the "Nightmare In Green" Jordan 1s (which are available to order here).  I knew I wanted to do another "Nightmare" pair but with a different color. So after thinking of a few different colors (at least one other that I might still do), I settled on red, which led to the Nightmare In Red custom.

The "Nightmare" shoes are kind of a theme that's not a theme...they feature something that I wanted to return to that I haven't done in some time: signature patterns, but with these I wanted to have one color be really dominant even if it's different shades of that color (in this case, red) with some black included.  If you noticed on the Nightmare In Green it's mostly different green shades with the patterns and some black's the same ideas with these shoes except with red.

The shoes feature different shades of red...mainly fire red and crimson red.  the mid panels, which are crimson red, that are above the fire red midsole, feature a glossy finish to resemble a patent leather look.  The main areas of the shoe feature a previously unused pattern I drew up a while back.

This shoe is available to order in both mens and womens/gs sizes at this link: